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**Please note: 2 Xbox gamepads are required to play this game**

'Get Your Arse to Mars' is a split-screen local multiplayer game made by students during a in-class Game Jam. We had two weeks to come up with a game for the theme "Mars"

The humans from Earth want to get to Mars, but the martians aren't happy with that, so they take the humans head on in an attempt to battle their way to Earth.

The game features:

  • 3 unique levels. Earth, Moon and Mars.
  • 2 distinct player ships
  • Wide range of vehicle weapons including: machine guns, lock-on missiles, space mines, single beam laser


Production: Elliot Barrett


  • Elliot Barrett
  • Alex Schmidt




Song used in game: 'Overizer' by Sung - https://soundcloud.com/sung_music/overizer

Install instructions

Make sure 2 xbox gamepads are connected before launching the game. This minimises risk of control issues.


Google drive Alternate link
Get_Your_ass_to_mars.zip 73 MB

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